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Testimonials: Testimonials

"I randomly read about these pickles and on a whim decided to order a few jars. Being a foodie, I do this a lot with bbq sauces etc. Ok, WOW!! I’m so happy I took the plunge!! The perfect dill and garlic crunchy pickle!! Going in my next egg salad , tuna salad and to accompany burgers this weekend! Don’t hesitate buy the pickles! I’m happy I did."

Ginny Enstad (Florida)

The hot sauce is so delicious that I put it on everything, my eggs, in soups and basically anything that isn't dessert! The pickles are a family favorite as well, crunchy with a great zing that will keep you wanting another 8 year old son loves them so much that he drinks the remaining brine from the jar! Highly recommend!

Lauren Lipari (Long Island, New York)

My husband and I visited the Artisan Exchange for the first time this year... and what luck! We found your booth and came home with pickles and hot sauce. We both think the pickles have a wonderful flavor and a satisfying crunch,and my husband is a fan of both the Mild Hot Sauce and the Hot Hot Sauce. We'll be back for more very soon and we've told all our friends about JVB Brothers. We can't wait to use your products in more recipes. Yum!

 Suzanne Behmke (Wayne, Pennsylvania)

Lillian Mata (Blogger from Ewing, New Jersey)

"I love these garlic dill pickles. They are delightfully crispy/crunchy and the flavor is just right, perfect, tangy!"

Sarah Bunn (Springfield, Illinois)

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